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Anonymous asked: do you guys know how to make simple flats? i'm planning to cosplay as mikasa ackerman (when she was a kid) from attack on titan, but i only have these black sparkly flats with roses on them. :/


Flats are so cheap that making them is pretty much a massive waste of time. Most fast-fashion places like Forever 21, H&M, Bluenotes/Stitches/Sirens sell them for $5 or less. Hell, the Ardene’s near Christine sells them at 3/$10.

Just buy new flats in the right colour. Bonus: you can wear them casually.

- Jenn


Classic Lolita

  • OP, hat handmade by Kitsumi
  • Shoes An tai na
  • Accessory offbrand

Model: Kitsumi

Photo: BlackMokona

(via lolita-coords)